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How To Rent Mobility Accessories

Renting mobility accessories with Scootaround couldn't be easier. These rentals are available only with our mobility device rentals. Please call 1-888-441-7575 to arrange a mobility accessory rental.

Scootaround can deliver the accessory along with your mobility device to your residence, hotel, or cruise ship port - whatever will be most convenient for you.

Elevating Leg Rests

If you need your leg or foot elevated, leg rests could be a smart addition to your mobility equipment rental. Ordering elevating leg rests for your wheelchair will allow either the left or right foot or leg to be raised to a level that is comfortable for your particular needs.

Applicable for: Wheelchairs

Gel Cushion

This seat cushion constructed with gel bladder is designed for optimum support, comfort and pressure relief. The gel infused seat cushion provides a comfortable ride even over rough terrain, gangways and cobblestones.

Customers get to keep the cushion after finishing their rental.

Applicable for: Wheelchairs

Cane Holder

Cane holders allow a cane or walking stick to be stored on the back of a scooter or powerchair when it is not in use. This accessory is convenient for the times when you want to bring a cane along for your travels.

The cane Holder fits seatbacks from 7"-21", ranging from travel scooters to high-back powerchairs.

Applicable for: 
Scooters and Powerchairs


The Weatherbreaker is the original and most universal canopy in the industry. No other product protects you better from the sun and rain, or mounts to more makes and models of wheelchairs and scooters than the Weatherbreaker.

Applicable for: Powerchairs and Scooters (not available for cruise rentals)


This universal cupholder can be snapped onto the armrest of most mobility devices when needed. The cupholder is easy to install and ready to hold your beverages.

Applicable for: Wheelchairs, Powerchairs, and Scooters (not available for cruise rentals)

Rear Basket

This extremely roomy rear basket is great for carrying groceries, or could also be used for carrying an oxygen tank. It measures 15" x 12" x 10", and attaches to the universal accessory holder located on the back of most scooters.

Applicable for: Scooters (not available for cruise rentals)

Battery Pack

Looking for a spare battery for your scooter in case of emergencies? We've got what you need! You can take this spare battery on your trips and excursions for those times when you need a little extra security. Just drop it in and you are good to go.

Applicable for: Scooter - Transportable (not available for cruise rentals)

Park Package

Everything you need while visiting Florida’s theme parks in one convenient package! Comes with:

  • Small cooler
  • Bottle of water (x2)
  • Poncho (x2)
  • Hand wipes
  • Hand sanitizer

All items in the package can be kept by the customer at the end of the rental. Call us toll-free at 1-888-441-7575 to add our park package to your scooter, wheelchair or powerchair order for only $20.00!

Applicable for: Scooters, Wheelchairs, Powerchairs (available in Orlando only)

Inogen G3 Double Battery

The Inogen One G3 Double Battery gives you more time to be out and about before having to recharge your Inogen One G3. With up to 10 hours of battery life, you can even take those longer trips that you couldn’t before.

Applicable for: Inogen G3 Oxygen

Inogen G3 Battery Charger

The Inogen One G3 External Battery Charger will charge your Inogen One G3 single and double batteries. If you are active and need to recharge multiple Inogen One G3 batteries simultaneously, then order an extra charger to help you charge more batteries as needed.

Applicable for: Inogen G3 Oxygen

Oxlife Independence Battery

Each battery will last approximately 2.75 hours at a Pulse Dose setting of 2, or 1.25 hours at a Continuous Flow setting of 2. Higher oxygen settings will reduce overall operating time. Rent extra batteries for additional time away from fixed power sources.

Applicable for: Oxlife Independence Oxygen

Oxlife Independence Battery Charger

The OxLife external battery charger available for the Oxlife Independence is a must for the active oxygen user. It makes it possible to charge multiple batteries for use throughout the day or when traveling. The charger itself is light and compact, making it easy to travel with.

Applicable for: Oxlife Independence Oxygen

SimplyGo Battery

Each battery will last approximately 3 hours on a pulse dose setting of 2, or 1.6 hours on a continuous flow setting of 1. Higher oxygen settings will reduce overall operating time.

Applicable for: SimplyGo Oxygen

SimplyGo Charger

Respironics External Battery Charger is a great new product to use for your Respironics Portable Oxygen Concentrator. Recharge your SimplyGo unit with this easy to use battery charger. It is small, lightweight and allows you to charge your additional batteries outside of the portable oxygen concentrator.

Estimated Charge Time is approximately 2-3 hours if your battery is completely depleted.

Applicable for: SimplyGo Oxygen

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