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Scootaround is proud to be the exclusive scooter and wheelchair rental service for the Arizona State Fair 2017

Fair is closed Mondays and Tuesdays - Closure times vary per day

Arizona State Fairgrounds
1826 W. McDowell Rd
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Start Date: 2017-10-06

End Date: 2017-10-29

Booth Locations:

Booth 1 is located at the Entrance on Monte Vista Rd
Booth 2 is located at the entrance on Encanto
Booth 3 is located at the entrance on 19th Avenue and McDowell
Cattle Barn Entrance/Exit (New Location)


DateStart TimeEnd TimeNotes
Friday, 2017-10-0612:00pm10:00pm
Saturday, 2017-10-0710:00am10:00pm
Sunday, 2017-10-0810:00am9:00pm
Wednesday, 2017-10-1112:00pm9:00pm
Thursday, 2017-10-1212:00pm9:00pm
Friday, 2017-10-1312:00pm10:00pm
Saturday, 2017-10-1410:00am10:00pm
Sunday, 2017-10-1510:00am9:00pm
Wednesday, 2017-10-1812:00pm9:00pm
Thursday, 2017-10-1912:00pm9:00pm
Friday, 2017-10-2012:00pm10:00pm
Saturday, 2017-10-2110:00am10:00pm
Sunday, 2017-10-2210:00am9:00pm
Wednesday, 2017-10-2512:00pm9:00pm
Thursday, 2017-10-2612:00pm9:00pm
Friday, 2017-10-2712:00pm10:00pm
Saturday, 2017-10-2810:00am10:00pm
Sunday, 2017-10-2910:00am9:00pm

Let’s get started.

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