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Scootaround Reviews and Success Stories

The Scootaround team is very proud to have received so much positive feedback from many of our rental, airline and convention customers. We have provided this page in order to share it with you.

To make it easier to view the comments received in our various departments, we have separated the individual, corporate and airline rentals feedback into several categories. Click on one of the following links or scroll down the page to view each section.

Do you have a success story you would like to share with us? If so, head over to our contact page to send us an e-mail. We'd love to share your Scootaround experience with others!

Scooter and Wheelchair Rentals

I just returned from our trip to Las Vegas. I have to tell you that your service and product made my stay the best thing that has happened to me in many years. We arrived at our hotel and the scooter was waiting for me, which after our plane trip was a total blessing! When we were leaving Las Vegas, all we did was drop the scooter off with our Bellman, and not worry about anything else. Please keep up the great service as it gives worry-free travelling to people like myself who could not embark on any kind of holiday! I love you "Scootaround"!

Thank You Kindly,

Written by: Deborah V.

I'd just like to thank Scootaround for their help during our stay at Disney World. Though Disney offered scooters in all the parks, you could not park hop with them, and by the time you went to another park, all the scooters were rented. My wife and I could not have enjoyed our visit like we did without our Scootaround scooter. We tooled around for eight days, and not once did the power charge drop from full charge on any day. Awesome! Thanks again.

Written by: Robert S.

I want to just say that the scooter was the best idea I have ever had. I used this scooter for 7 days and really enjoyed my stay in New Orleans! My son came over from Florida and we went down to Bourbon Street on a Saturday night. I rode the scooter right down the middle of the street and enjoyed the activities that were going on. We really had a wonderful time and this scooter gave me the freedom from worry. I could just go anywhere and not worry about being so tired. Thanks for being there for me!

Written by: Mona C.

I just wanted to say thank you for the great service you provide. Not only was I able to to spent a great visit with Mom in New York City, because I could get her around in one of your wheelchairs, but your representative here was communicative, accomodating to my schedule, and made sure I understood how to operate the chair before he left it with me. He's a gem! I have mentioned your service to anyone who will listen. Thanks again.

Written by: Katherine H.

I read your article in a past magazine. As always, you are my best MS news source. I have been travelling to Washington for the last 18 months. Each time I drive by new sites on the National Mall in a taxi with sadness. I thought that I would never be able to visit the new memorials and museums on the Mall. Then I read your article. On my last trip I rented an electric scooter from Scootaround. Wow! I was able to rent a scooter as transportation for the day. I got to see everything I wanted. What an experience! Thanks for letting your readers know this valuable information. I had a great time visiting the Museum of Natural History, the WWII Memorial, the FDR Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and the Korean War Memorial. It was easy and fun. Time and again you give me a new lease on life.

Written by: Montye C.

Shop Customers

First of all, I just want to thank you so very much for the great service! We ordered the WHILL Model Ci chair two weeks ago. My son loves the chair and it's so easy to put it together. Scootaround’s services are great and spot on! Thank you especially to Michael on the sales team. You are a saint!

Written by: Elizabeth J.

I don't know where to begin! Michael was the most patient person I have ever dealt with. I LOVE MY WHILL! It is easy to drive and comfortable to sit in. I had it out of the boxes and put together in about 20 minutes! I am 69 years old, have had MS for 37 years, and this product lives up to all that is said about it. You will (WHILL) not go wrong with this product!

P.S. Michael answered many (and I say MANY) questions that I had. Responded quickly. Great person to work with.

Written by: Polly S.

Convention and Corporate Clients

Thank you so much for helping me obtain a scooter at eBay Live. This was the first time I have ever used a scooter and I was nervous and shy about doing so. My disability is MS and to date I have been able to get around okay but not for any length of time. I had wondered about how I was going to get from one workshop to the next and the scooter solved that problem.


Written by: Mary B.

We have been using the services of Scootaround Inc. for more than 5 years. They embrace our service standards in providing world class service to our customers. We are proud of our association with them and I think you will be satisfied as well.

We have found their company to be very responsive from the President to their online service staff. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Most Sincerely,

Written by: Charles F. Jones

Corporate Security Director, AMC, Inc.

Thank you again for your work at Life@50+, AARP’s National Event & Expo in Las Vegas. Your staff and your processes made for an enjoyable experience. We ask for our vendors to be an extension of AARP when you work at our event, and Scootaround was no exception to the rule.

I would be honored to serve as a reference of Scootaround and I look forward to the opportunity to work with your company in the future.

Written by: Jason Weinstein

Member Events, American Association of Retired Professionals (AARP)

Approximately five years ago I was fortunate to discover Scootaround and their service for my convention needs. For the first couple of years, Scootaround was the supplier of wheelchairs and motorized scooters for my annual national convention and I handled the rental on-site. The service, dependability and product have been exceptional. I was impressed that they were able to work with me no matter what city my convention was held.

Two years ago, we entered into a full contract with Scootaround where they now not only provide the equipment needed, they also supply the staffing and handle the complete rental/lease program for our attendees on site at our convention. Scootaround also provides a link from our on line registration for easy advance ordering.

We continue to receive compliments on the service and the product. Our members appreciate the consideration we have for their mobility needs and the convenience that this service provides.

If you are looking for assistance with mobility needs at your meetings or conventions, I highly recommend Scootaround.

Written by: Pam Husk

Manager - Housing & Registration Services, American Academy of Family Physicians

Scootaround has provided scooter/wheelchair rentals through our three locations in the Orange County Convention Center for the past year, and the process has been both simple and effective.

My staff directs customers to the Scootaround Hotline telephone for equipment orders and other rental questions. I'm happy to let the rental customers be taken care of by the professionals at Scootaround and also, the telephone service frees up my staff for other tasks.

The people at Scootaround also help greatly during our large events by personally setting up and running a rentals booth. Their staff has always been professional, and overall, they provide an excellent service.

I would recommend Scootaround for anyone looking for a top-notch supplier.

Written by: Ryan M. Swinford

Center Manager, FedEx Kinko's

Airline Mobility Services

My mind is blown! Really. I have had problems with other airlines in the past, but I have never received such efficient and gracious help to solve a problem as far as I can remember. I never expected such a speedy response to replace my broken wheelchair. First, the Baggage Claim person at the airline was very kind and concerned. I was barely in the house before you called, and by the next day you had your technician come over to check and deliver a new wheelchair to me. Unfortunately, through no fault of theirs, the wheelchair had a flaw. Most companies would have considered the case closed at this point. But you kept calling to make sure that everything was satisfactory. On hearing that there was a problem, you immediately set to work ordering a new wheelchair. Then you called a few more times to make sure all was really well. Thank you, everything is working well now.

Thank you again for your service. You make Delta look attractive to a traveler like me. With such service, I'll be using Delta more often now.

Written by: Phyllis B.

We traveled to Costa Rica in January for medical treatment and during our travel my wheelchair and transfer lift were ruined in the process. We arrived home with a new wheelchair that did not work and a lift that wouldn’t transfer me from the wheelchair to the toilet, bed and etc. Upon a late arrival to the airport, we found there weren’t any airline personnel to help us with this situation. Things were rather frantic trying to get home after travelling and not being able to use my equipment made it worse.

I called our airline on Monday to see if someone could help me through this situation and we were directed to Enid Cooper through Delta Airlines. She was a God send. Her attention to our situation was not only courteous, but compassionate. She guided us through this difficult time without a hiccup. She was exceptionally kind. When your whole world is changed in a moment, her compassion was truly comforting. Being unable to walk is already challenging enough and without the medical equipment that I need to assist me, I was miserable. Enid’s calm voice, caring attitude and quick response was truly a blessing. I told her she was exceptional and that I appreciated her help very much.

All things considered, the company was a 10 in all areas. Specifically for me the area that we appreciated the most from them was the constant follow-up. We did not have to be the aggressor, Scootaround took care of us without threats or strong conversation to make things right. We would recommend them to our friends and family and if the occasion ever arises, we will use them again.

On another note, we will choose and feel comfortable using Delta Airlines again in the future with this as our experience in “recovery management”. Good job Scootaround and thank you Delta Airlines for making such a competent choice in caring for your passengers.


Written by: Cathy S.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued efforts and interest in resolving my damaged scooter claim as quickly as possible. As I have MS you understood that without my scooter I am quite immobile. Your continuing updates informing me of your progress were very reassuring. Your actions on behalf of the airline and Scootaround enhances both reputations for efficient, friendly and pleasant customer service. Thank you.


Written by: Paul P.

Recently I journeyed to Orlando, Florida by airplane. My walker was damaged on route. Your company was involved and the service was absolutely excellent. I received a rental, while there and a new walker was here when I returned home. I am ever grateful to your employees, Enid Cooper who was so efficient, so kind and caring to me through it all. If your employees are all like Enid , then you can be very proud of your Company-Scootaround.

Blessings and Gratitude,

Written by: Sister N. Dennis

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