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Rollator & Knee Walker

How To Rent a Rollator, Walker, or Knee Walker

Renting a rollator, walker, or knee walker with Scootaround couldn't be easier. Book online or call 1-888-441-7575 to arrange rollator, walker, or knee walker rental at your destination.

Scootaround can deliver the rollator, walker, or knee walker to your hotel, residence, or cruise ship port - whatever will be most convenient for you.



Walkers and rollators provide balance and stability for those who require assistance when walking. Walkers have either no wheels or two non-swivel front wheels and two rear legs with pads that provide stability. Rollators have four wheels, with the front wheels being swivel casters for maneuvering. Rollators also have braking handles for added safety. Most models of walkers and rollators can be folded easily for transport and storage. Walkers and rollators also come equipped with a seat. Some seat heights are adjustable, providing more comfort for the user. Seats on these devices are typically used for resting as opposed to continuous transport.

Both walkers and rollators are popular choices for those traveling by air, rail or other modes of transportation with confined spaces, as they can be folded down easily.

Knee Walkers

Knee walkers provide a comfortable pain-free alternative to crutches and are ideal for individuals who are recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputations and ulcers of the foot. This innovative and stylish crutch substitute can be easily adjusted without tools to meet your needs, allowing for increased maneuverability. Knee walkers come standard with height adjustable dual hand brakes to ensure optimal safety and security when in use. The extra thick leg pad can be height adjusted and is channeled to provide increased stability for a pain-free, comfortable experience.

One of the knee walker's greatest features is how easily the unit folds without tools, making travel and storage easy.

Carry Wagons

Carry-all wagons provide a comfortable way to transport one or two small children. The raised back end provides an added level of security for smaller riders. Scootaround’s wagons have sturdy rubber tires and an adjustable steering column, which makes it easy to maneuver over most surfaces. The wagon is lightweight and can be stored and transported in the trunk of most vehicles.

Wagons are also a great tool to have when carrying a lot of items around. Whether you’re attending an auto show, county fair or a swap meet, keep your hands free and choose a wagon to store purchased items, supplies and your own valuables. The angled handle can be tucked away, preventing it from falling forward. With all these great features, wagons are a great way to enhance your experience at an event.

Only available for Events and Conventions.


Child strollers offer a safe and comfortable way to transport your child while heading out on an excursion. The front swivel casters make the strollers highly maneuverable, while the dual safety harness provides an added level of security for the child. Our strollers are lightweight and can fit in the trunk of virtually any sized vehicle. The large rear tire reduces the effort needed to push the stroller over bumps and uneven surfaces. Strollers are a great option for families heading on vacation and for trips to the theme park. Save yourself any unnecessary headache and rent a stroller with Scootaround for your next family outing.

Available options: Child Stroller, Dual Child Stroller

Only available for Events and Conventions

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