Wheelchair and Scooter Rentals for Veterans Across North America

Published on May 17, 2013

Mobility is important to us all. If we have the desire to travel, it can be a great way to explore our country or visit family and friends from far away. Indeed, travel and exploration is one of the ways that many Veterans enjoy spending their time.

As our population ages, a growing number of Veterans are relying on electric scooters and wheelchairs to remain mobile in their travels. Scootaround recognizes the efforts and sacrifices that our Veterans have made over the years and we take great pride in providing an essential service to this very special group of Americans.

Since 1995, Scootaround has been the nation's leading provider of scooter and wheelchair rentals in over 1500 locations throughout North America. Veterans can arrange worry-free rentals through a 7-day toll-free number or via a full-featured Internet website. This means that you can rely on our team of travel experts to not only choose the best equipment for your needs, but to ensure that your "ride" is waiting for you at your hotel or other destination when you arrive!

The need for a trustworthy and reliable mobility rental service in America is increasing. Our current Veteran population is made up of varied ages across multiple groups from WWII vets, to Vietnam-era Veterans to younger Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans. Depending on each person's unique situation, a different type of mobility vehicle may be required. Scootaround is happy to work with all types of mobility vehicles from the electric scooter or power chair to manual wheelchairs and walker/rollators.

One of Abraham Lincoln's goals, as stated in his second Inaugural Address in 1865, was that the government would "care for him who has borne the battle…" With that sentiment in mind, Scootaround strives to continue providing the most reliable and comprehensive rental service in North America. We hope to make a difference in the lives of our Veteran population by assisting with their travel needs.

If you're a Veteran who is thinking of a travel excursion somewhere across the USA, and if you have limited mobility, let us help you. And if you're planning a trip by air, stay tuned for a future article which will discuss our new Airline Services Program. It's the easiest solution for travelers who have had a mishap with their mobility vehicle while traveling by commercial carrier.

Scootaround can be reached toll-free at 1-888-441-7575 during any day of the week. You may also visit our website at www.scootaround.com to learn more about us and our rental options. Happy traveling!

Article by Gerald Adams, Media Director, Scootaround
Written for the Paralyzed Veterans of America


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