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Treasure Island Las Vegas

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Rental Rates for Hotel and Residential in Treasure Island Las Vegas

All equipment deliveries within 12 miles of Scootaround Las Vegas are free, including to Treasure Island.

Rent a Scooter or Wheelchair: Treasure Island Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Embark on an unforgettable adventure at Treasure Island Las Vegas, without letting mobility concerns hold you back. Scootaround is here to provide seamless mobility solutions with our extensive range of scooters and wheelchairs tailored to the bustling environment of Las Vegas. Simply book online or call 1-888-441-7575 to secure your scooter or wheelchair rental, and we'll ensure it's delivered straight to the hotel, ready for your arrival.

Navigating the vibrant sights and sounds of the Las Vegas Strip has never been easier, thanks to Scootaround's reliable and convenient Treasure Island scooter rentals. Whether you're exploring the casino, attending a show, or just soaking in the atmosphere of Las Vegas, our mobility solutions are designed to enhance your experience, ensuring comfort and accessibility throughout your stay.

For detailed rental pricing, check out the table at the top of this page. Continue reading for more information on our services and how we can help make your experience at Treasure Island Las Vegas truly memorable.

Treasure Island Las Vegas Scooter Rentals

Treasure Island Hotel Las Vegas Information


What is the best mobility scooter model to rent for Treasure Island Las Vegas?

When exploring Treasure Island Las Vegas, mobility and comfort are paramount. At Scootaround, we recommend our Standard Scooter, the Pride Victory 10, as the ideal mobility scooter for your adventure. This model offers exceptional stability, a compact design for easy navigation through crowded areas, and a long-lasting battery life to ensure you can explore the entirety of Treasure Island without interruption.

On the other hand, if you plan on transporting your scooter via a car or taxi, considering a Transportable or Transportable HD Scooter could be more advantageous. These models are designed to easily disassemble into separate pieces, enhancing their portability and making storage simpler.

Treasure Island Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is designed to be wheelchair accessible, providing smooth navigation throughout the property. Whether you opt for a Standard, Heavy Duty, Transportable, or Transportable HD Scooter, you can explore comfortably and confidently.

Call our rental specialists at 1-888-441-7575 today to reserve your mobility scooter and embark on a seamless adventure at Treasure Island Las Vegas.

What is the best wheelchair to rent for Treasure Island Las Vegas?

Selecting the best wheelchair for your visit to Treasure Island Hotel and Casino primarily hinges on the user's physical strength and mobility. Those with sufficient upper body strength might find a Standard or Heavy Duty Wheelchair to be ideal, as these models enable self-propulsion by gripping the rear wheels, thus promoting independence and smooth mobility.

On the other hand, individuals with reduced upper body strength may benefit from a Transport Chair. These chairs are equipped with smaller wheels and are designed to be pushed by a friend, caregiver, or travel partner, accommodating those who require additional assistance.

To ensure you select the ideal wheelchair for your adventures at Treasure Island Las Vegas, we encourage you to reach out to our rental specialists. By calling 1-888-441-7575, you'll receive expert guidance tailored to your specific requirements, taking into account both your personal comfort and the unique challenges of navigating Las Vegas.

Does Scootaround provide free delivery to the Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas?

Absolutely, Scootaround is pleased to offer FREE delivery to all locations within a 12-mile radius of our Scootaround Las Vegas warehouse, including the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. This complimentary service ensures that your mobility equipment is conveniently available for you as soon as you arrive, enhancing your Las Vegas experience with ease and comfort.

Planning Your Mobility Needs at the Treasure Island Hotel

Treasure Island Las Vegas is a prime destination for visitors seeking both entertainment and accessibility. Recognizing the importance of inclusivity, the resort has ensured that it is fully wheelchair accessible and accommodating to guests using mobility scooters and wheelchairs. With a commitment to accessibility, Treasure Island provides smooth pathways, ample space in gaming and dining areas, and easily accessible elevators, making navigation around the property seamless for all guests.

For those in need of mobility aids during their stay, Scootaround stands as Las Vegas' premier provider of mobility scooters and wheelchairs for rental. Available seven days a week, Scootaround can deliver top-quality mobility equipment directly to Treasure Island, ensuring that it's ready for use upon your arrival. Treasure Island goes above and beyond to ensure a comfortable stay for guests with mobility needs.

The hotel features wheelchair accessible rooms equipped with amenities such as roll-in showers and grab bars, alongside other thoughtful accommodations like lowered peepholes and light switches. By prioritizing accessibility and partnering with services like Scootaround, Treasure Island Las Vegas ensures that every guest enjoys a welcoming, inclusive, and thoroughly enjoyable visit.

Should you prefer to purchase rather than rent, Scootaround has an array of mobility scooters and wheelchairs for sale in the Las Vegas region.

Accessible Attractions at Treasure Island Hotel

Las Vegas has evolved into a haven for entertainment lovers from around the globe, with its accessibility features allowing everyone to partake in the city's vibrant attractions. Treasure Island Las Vegas stands out as a prime example of this inclusivity, offering a range of attractions that cater to guests using mobility aids. For those interested in Treasure Island scooter rental or Treasure Island wheelchair rental, here are three accessible attractions to explore:

  • Buccaneer Bay: Treasure Island is renowned for its mesmerizing pirate-themed spectacle, featuring the swashbuckling adventure of the Sirens of TI show. Set against a stunning backdrop of the Las Vegas skyline, this free outdoor performance dazzles audiences with daring stunts, captivating choreography, and mesmerizing pyrotechnics. Best of all, the viewing area is wheelchair accessible, ensuring everyone can enjoy the excitement.

  • Mystère by Cirque du Soleil: As the first permanent Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas, Mystère has wowed audiences with its extraordinary performances. Held at Treasure Island, the theater is equipped with accessible seating and entryways, making it easy for guests using wheelchairs or scooters to experience this unforgettable show.

  • Casino Floor: Treasure Island's casino floor is sprawling and fully accessible, featuring a wide variety of slot machines, table games, and other gaming options. The layout ensures easy navigation for those using scooters or wheelchairs, with accessible restrooms and dining areas conveniently located throughout.

To make the most of your Las Vegas adventure and access all its attractions with ease, we highly recommend booking your wheelchair or scooter rental ahead of your visit. For assistance or to place a booking, please reach out to us at 1-888-441-7575 or via email.

Parking at the Treasure Island Las Vegas

Treasure Island Las Vegas offers parking convenience and accessibility for guests with disabilities. The resort provides designated disabled parking spaces, ensuring easy access to the hotel and casino facilities. The guests must display a valid government-issued accessibility parking permit to utilize these spaces. Notably, Treasure Island honors disability placards from other states and countries, eliminating the need for visitors to obtain temporary permits when traveling to Las Vegas allowing them to enjoy all the excitement of the Strip with ease.

Treasure Island Las Vegas Attractions: Insider Mobility Information


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Rental Rates for Hotel and Residential in Treasure Island Las Vegas

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