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Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

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Rental Rates for Hotel and Residential in Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

All equipment deliveries within 12 miles of Scootaround Las Vegas are free, including to the Westgate Resort & Casino.

Rent a Scooter or Wheelchair: Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Do you need a mobility equipment rental while you are staying at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas? Scootaround provides mobility scooter rentals, wheelchair rentals, and powerchair rentals for the Vegas strip and surrounding areas. Book online or call 1-844-449-1117 to reserve your wheelchair rental for Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino! We will deliver your mobility device directly to the hotel so it is ready for you when you arrive.

By pre-arranging a wheelchair or scooter rental for the Westgate Hotel, you can ensure that you and your loved ones will be able to see and do everything that Las Vegas has to offer. Whether you're visiting Vegas for the weekend or an extended period, a mobility equipment rental will make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

Check the table at the top of this page for rental pricing – or if you’re looking for more information on how to make your time at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort, keep reading to learn about our accessibility and attraction recommendations.

Westgate Las Vegas Scooter Rentals

Westgate Resort Las Vegas Information


What is the best mobility scooter model to rent for the Westgate Las Vegas?

For navigating the Westgate Hotel and Las Vegas Strip in style and comfort, your best option is a Standard or Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter. These devices have an extended driving range, allowing you to spend all day cruising around Vegas without needing to recharge. However, if you’ll be transporting your scooter in the trunk of a car or taxi, a Transportable or Transportable HD Scooter may be a better option. These models disassemble into separate pieces for portability and storage.

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino is quite wheelchair accessible, so whatever option you choose, you’ll be able to get around comfortably. Call our rental specialists at 1-844-449-1117 to determine the right scooter for your needs!

What is the best wheelchair to rent for the Westgate Las Vegas?

The ideal wheelchair model for use at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas depends on the overall strength and mobility of the user. If the user has decent strength in their arms, we recommend renting a Standard or Heavy Duty Wheelchair. This allows the rider to propel themselves by grabbing the rear wheels and pushing forward. An average sized person will be fine with a standard chair, while a larger individual may find an HD or Bariatric Wheelchair more comfortable.

If the user has reduced upper body strength, a Transport Chair may be a better option. These chairs have smaller wheels and need to be pushed by a loved one, caregiver, or other travel companion.

Call our rental specialists at 1-844-449-1117 to determine the right wheelchair for your needs!

Does Scootaround provide free delivery to the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas?

Yes, we provide FREE delivery to all locations within 12 miles of our Scootaround Las Vegas warehouse, including the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino.

Planning Your Mobility Needs at the Westgate Hotel

With mobility rental equipment available 7 days a week, Scootaround is Las Vegas’ leading mobility enhancement company. We can deliver the rental scooter or wheelchair directly to the Westgate Resort so it’s ready to go as soon as you arrive.

The Westgate Las Vegas Hotel and Casino has made significant efforts to make its property as wheelchair accessible as possible. This includes providing accessible parking spaces, ADA restrooms, accessible routes to amenities, pool lifts, and wider doors and ramps in public spaces. The hotel also has a selection of wheelchair accessible rooms with roll-in showers and shower seats.

If you're looking to purchase equipment instead of renting, Scootaround also has mobility scooters and wheelchairs for sale in the Vegas area.

Accessible Attractions at Westgate Hotel

Since the 1950s, Las Vegas has been the number one destination in the US for entertainment. In recent years, the city has become much more accessible, allowing visitors who rely on mobility devices to explore the attractions with ease. Here are three accessible attractions at the Westgate Hotel for you to checkout:

  • Casino: The Westgate Hotel in Vegas has nearly 100,000 square feet of gaming space and is brimming with everything you would want in a Vegas casino, including slot machines, table games, and more. The entire casino area, along with the surrounding restrooms and restaurants, are all wheelchair friendly.

  • Theater: The theater at the Westgate Vegas Resort has hosted some of the world’s most iconic entertainers over the past 50+ years. From legendary performers like Barry Manilow and Franki Valli to unforgettable comedy and magic shows, there’s always something exciting going on at the Westgate Las Vegas. The theater has wheelchair accessible seating and companion seats available upon request.

  • Elvis Presley Statue: The Westgate Las Vegas Hotel (then known as the International Hotel) was the site of more than 600 sold-out shows by the King of Rock and Roll in the 60s and 70s. After his death in 1976, the hotel erected a statue of Elvis to commemorate his life and legendary performances. The statue is located in the lobby and is easily accessible for both wheelchair and scooter users.

To fully explore everything Vegas has to offer, we highly recommend booking a wheelchair or scooter rental in advance of your trip. Call 1-844-449-1117 or email us for assistance.

Parking at the Westgate Las Vegas

There are several disabled parking spaces available at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. You must have a valid government-issued accessibility parking permit to park in these spaces. If you are driving to Las Vegas and have a disability parking permit from another state or country, you don’t need to apply for a temporary permit – Nevada honors disability placards from other states and countries.

Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Attractions: Insider Mobility Information


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Rental Rates for Hotel and Residential in Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

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