The Best Travel Scooters for 2021
Check out our list of the 5 best travel scooters for 2021. Perfect for people who love to spend time vacationing and exploring the world!
The Best Walkers with Seats for Seniors 2021
There are dozens of walkers with seats available for seniors with mobility limitations. Learn more about the best options for this demographic!
Rules of the Road: 7 Pointers for Driving Your New Mobility Scooter
Learn how to operate your new mobility scooter using these simple tips and pointers.
The 5 Best Narrow Walkers for Small Spaces 2021
Looking for the best walker for narrow spaces? We've put together a list of our top choices of narrow walkers to help you navigate narrow hallways and door frames.
The Best Narrow Wheelchairs for Tight Spaces and Doorways 2021
Looking for a narrow wheelchair to help you navigate skinny hallways and tight turns? We've put together a list of top narrow wheelchairs for you and what to look for when buying.
Best Wheelchair Options for Seniors with Limited Mobility
There are many important things to consider when purchasing a new wheelchair. Learn more about the best wheelchair options for seniors struggling with limited mobility!
Do Mobility Scooters Require Insurance?

mobility scooters insuranceMobility scooters are an incredible invention, providing those with limited mobility the ability to stay active and maintain independence. As easy as it is to integrate the right mobility scooter into your life, it’s also important to make some wise decisions along the way. Once you’ve decided to ma...

Best Adaptive Clothing and Accessories For Seniors With Limited Mobility

As we age, there are a variety of changes that take place in our lives. Finding ways to hold on to independence and maintain comfort is an important part of this process. Often mobility devices and aids are what come to mind, but there are various types of adaptive clothing and dressing aids that ca...

Scootaround Reviews: Here's What Real Customers Have To Say!

mobility rental scootaround reviews

Scootaround has been around for over 20 years as a leading mobility solutions provider of the nation. Through their extensive network of partners and a highly skilled team of service professionals, Scootaround makes mobility happen in over 2,500 locations across North America and Europe. With the ...

Moving Life ATTO: High-Tech Mobility Scooter Designed for Travel

There are hundreds of mobility scooter models available on the market today, and while each device has its own distinct features and benefits, it’s rare to find a scooter that is truly unique in its design and appearance. If you’re looking for a mobility scooter that breaks the mold, the ATTO from M...

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